An appropriate title, not only because that song has been in my head all morning, but our little family is about to go through another bunch of changes. I have such mixed feelings about all of them, too.

Today is Bug's last day at the only daycare she has ever known. I have been taking my girls to this same center for five years, and it is really very comfortable for both of them. Everyone there knows me and my kids, and it's actually part of the YMCA, so it's been convenient for getting to swim lessons and all that. Midget has even gone there for aftercare all school year long. I have always been pretty happy with it & it has been really hard for me to decide to pull them out of there. I have my reasons, of course. Bug moved from the toddler room (where I absolutely LOVE the teachers) to the preschool room after she turned 3 in March. Where it's been good for her to be in a more structured room, I'm not all that impressed by her teacher, who seems to see it more of a job and doesn't exactly seem to really care about the kids. It has started feeling less and less like home lately, and so we decided to move the girls (at the same time to hopefully make it easier) to another center in town. This one is totally preschool and is just starting a school-age summer care program. Prefect timing. Oh, and did I mention it is the best rated center in the county? And that every single person I know that goes there absolutely loves it? I have never heard a single negative word about the place & I've talked to a LOT of people, too. OH, and did I forget to mention that even though it costs a little more per child, there is a FIFTY PERCENT DISCOUNT on a second child?! The old place couldn't offer me any discounts & so, as they say, that was the last straw. Sign them up! And so I did. And they start there on Tuesday.

I'm a little concerned about Bug, especially since she's so sensitive to change and things being out of place. She does seem excited when talking about it though, so maybe she'll surprise us all and feel right at home. I'm sure it will take a little time, but she'll be in the swing of it before we know it.

The other change is also a biggie. My babygirl Midget is about to graduate Kindergarten! It's so bittersweet. I'm so proud of her and everything she has learned this year. In fact, that part has blown me away! She has really come along way. I just can't believe she'll be a first-grader. That's, like, REAL school, man... lol!

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