Say cheese!

My girls think I have lost my mind. Hey, maybe they're right. I have been a photo-taking fool for the past couple of weeks, and suddenly, they are not my only subjects! I will admit that living the very routine life that I do, it is hard to find variety for my photos and I'm sure it will eventually lead me off my beaten path more often. For now, I am spying photo ops on my regular routes. For example, yesterday I pulled off the road no less than four times to snap a shot or two. All the while, the girls are in the back thinking (and sometimes saying) "Momma, what the heck are you DOING??"

This one was taken on the way IN to work yesterday morning. Luckily it fit into my "green" theme for the week on project365. The girls were sort of excited about this one. They DO love these horsies and wave frantically at them every morning. I will admit that I am still trying to get over the emberassment of pulling over on a busy state route with cars whizzing by while trying to lean over the passenger seat and take pictures out the window...

Then, I decided to take some shots of two houses that I pass on the "back country" way home. Old, broken down old houses. I had never even noticed their existence before this project.

Sad, huh? Someone must have really loved and lived there long ago. Or maybe not so long ago. I wonder what the story is there.
And then there is this one.

It's actually positioned INSIDE a cow pasture. Do you think the cows go in and check it out? The girls and I have dubbed the cows in this pasture "ours", as we drive by them most days home and they are really beautiful. There is a nice mixture of black and brown animals, and a single white one. They usually aren't close to the fence, but seeing that I was already on a picture-taking roll, I thought I might as well try to get a pic of the close ones, especially the cute little black calf with a white face!

Wait. What calf, you say? Oh, she's hiding behind her momma at the moment. It may or may not have anything to do with the crazy lady standing by the fence mooing, whistling and waving a camera around...

See? There she is. Isn't she CUUUUUTE?!

I didn't stay long though. For one, my own little ones were waiting in the car that was sitting pulled off the side of the road with hazard lights flashing and radio blaring. And also, they were starting to look annoyed.

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