Monday after Easter ponderings

I'm feeling kind of out of sorts today. Back to work and school after spring break for her and a three-day weekend for me, but my baby is home with a fever and her daddy. It's so hard leaving her when I don't know exactly what's wrong. It's a crazy busy day, but I can't seem to focus on anything other than my girl and my mom. Mom (plus brother, nephew & 2 aunts) are leavin' on a jet plane this evening for California. It feels strange to know such a large piece of your heart will be so far away.

On to other tales, Easter didn't exactly turn out as planned this year. One girl had the sniffles, and the other had started in with this fever of 102.5. And seeing that my mom and family was about to hop on a plane for a week of sunny fun, I just couldn't take my monsters over to infect them. So, we stayed home. And checked out what the bunny brought overnight. And had peanut butter sandwiches. And sat on our butts much of the day. I did take a load of garage sale stuff into moms and he mowed the inaugural mow though. And in the late morning I got the girls dolled up and let them run in the sunshine and fresh air for a few. At least their dresses didn't go to TOTAL waste...

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