How's that to-do list coming, you ask?

It's not going too badly, actually! Eventhough I am nowhere near my goal of becoming a totally centered, caring, patient and lovable gal (yet), I'm on my way.

I have been reading, watching less tv, am almost totally prepared for tomorrow's baby stuff garage sale, have my sis-in-law's grad announcements well underway, work projects under control (for now), and I had my first Clay class on Wednesday night - it was most enjoyable. A lot harder than I expected, but totally fun. Well, except for the part about my 3 year old having such a fit about me leaving her for 3 hours that she actually threw up her dinner. Ugh. I hope she gets over that quite soon!

Currently, I am fighting one heck of a cold (but at least my baby is all better now!), and I'm trying really hard not to let it get me down. I will say though that all this work associated with putting together a garage sale would be a whole lot easier if my head didn't feel like a giant glob of snot stuck on top of my neck. Hey, at least the weather appears to be cooperating! Oh, AND my mom, bro & nephew come home from CA tomorrow! Somehow life just seems easier knowing my mommy is nearby to pick up the pieces when I have a meltdown.

Oh! And my big girl lost her very first tooth last night! It's a good thing too, since the adult tooth has started poking through WAY behind it... Anyway, the tooth fairy left her 4 shiny quarters. She must not have had any dollar bills on hand ;o)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Geez talk about inflation! All I got for a tooth was one stinkin quarter ;p lol