Bye-bye baby duds...


So Saturday was the inevitable sale. The (bum-bum-bummm) BABY garage sale. And in spite of me being sicker than I've been in months (maybe years), the sale must go on. And it went pretty well! Let me tell you though, having a garage sale is not for the light-hearted. It really is a lot more work then is seems! Especially when you have to drag two restless knee biters along for the set up and such. But, I got rid of a LOT of baby items, and even my old camera & printer dock. And I even wound up with a new cute little bundle to take home (in a pretty shade of green ;o)

I will admit that it was a little hard pulling all those tiny outfits out of storage and spreading them out for complete strangers to sift through and take away for a mere 50¢ per piece of clothing. But I know in my heart that we are done and that made it a little easier. Besides, I had already set aside my all-time favorite duds to hold on to for old times sake (hehe).

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