Wordy Wednesday

Browsing through some photos for "wordless wednesday" possiblities, I decided I just couldn't do it this week. So, back to that later, I suppose.

The weather warmed up just long enough for me to remember how much I love spring. And then those warm breezes were once again replaced by arctic ones this morning. Yuck.

Saturday we had a nice spring-like day & actually gave the stinker a bath. The stinker, meaning the dog. Not that the kids don't occasionally stink, but in this case, Cricket was the worst.

The poor girl doesn't know what to think, being tied to a picnic table & doused in a bucket of soapy warm water... Midget helped Daddy & it all went pretty quick. Our yard was like a giant wind tunnel, so she dried up fairly quickly too. Boy, does she smell better!

Sunday, Bug's new bedroom furniture was ready for pickup, so Hubby & a friend took care of that. I think it looks great & Bug is STILL so excited about her "big girl bed"! Here she is going to bed on the first night. "No more baby!" she says:

And here she is waking up Monday morning (big yawn!):

And here is where we are with the room so far. I still need to paint more butterflies, make curtains, and paint three butterflies to frame for the purple wall above the bed:

The big BIG girl dresser (It's big. And HEAVY.):

But I'd say it's coming along. Happy Third Birthday to her! It's Saturday, and a Dora party is in the works...

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1 comment:

Hil said...

It looks great!! I love the butterflies.

Also, last summer we had those same pajamas. I loved them and was so sad when they fit like she belonged in a Pride parade. ;o)