Well, that's just "speechy".


My baby bug is going back into therapy, only this time, it's for a speech delay. I have been suspecting it for a while, but it feels different to actually have it confirmed by a professional. I took her in this morning for an evaluation and we agree that she doesn't appear to have hearing problems or any other obvious reasons for a delay. She is simply a little behind and having some problems with certain sounds - "K/C", for example, which her name just happens to begin with. Ugh. She will be fine though. I'm sure of it. This seems more manageable than the physical therapy when she was a baby. And we have a therapist right here in town that seems really great so I won't have to truck her all the way to the Children's Hospital every week, thank goodness. Wish her luck!

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Anonymous said...

Aw good luck Chloe-Bug! :) -TK