Overflowing brain

I am so stinkin' distracted today. Too much floating around in my brain, I guess. Here are just a few of the subjects that I seem to be obsessing on currently:
• work, work, and more work. More extra projects than ever before.
• money (as usual) I still need to plant that money tree in my yard.
• finishing Bug's room. Still so much time consuming stuff to do before I can call it done.
• Hubby being gone all weekend. I already miss him, with all the weird work hours and stuff. But I'm happy he gets to do something he's always wanted to.
• Figuring out the summer sitting situation for Midget. And just WHERE is THAT money going to come from??
• need to get Bug's birthday thankyou's going...
• So much I want to do to the house this spring/summer. Need more time. Need more money. Need a miracle.
• I am so so behind on scrapbooking. The problem now I think is my anxiousness for spring & the current page is about decorating a christmas tree... in 2007. Jeesh.
• mountains of laundry.
• need to organize a garage sale to purge all of these baby items that I've been stashing. Oh, and I need to talk mom into letting me use her garage.
• I'm excited about designing Grad announcements for my SIL, but need time & energy, of which I have little/none.
• Project 365 - a welcome distration. Something I need to do for me. But of course it takes a little time & brainpower.
• Bug's speech issues. I need to get a referral from the ped to have her screened.
• Midget's "time-out" issues at school. I don't remember all this girlfriend drama in kindergarten!
• I need more time to read. Seriously. I mean, I'm renewing a library book for the SECOND time today. And I haven't touched it since the last time I renewed it - like 3 weeks ago. Pitiful.

I've decided that I just need to learn how to live on little or no sleep, like Rachel Ray, and then maybe I can accomplish MOST of the things that I have to get done. Too bad it's hard to pry my butt out of bed after 8 hours!

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espresso works wonders.... :)