Her momma's imagination


Did you know that some kids take magic, flying midnight trains to secret classes in the middle of the night? Neither did I, until my six-year-old filled me in a while back. Apparently, this magical train comes in the middle of the night (similar to the Polar Express, I imagine), only this one turns into a jet plane & flies. It picks her up on different nights to take her to these secret classes involving dancing, drawing, princess manners, oh, and my personal favorite - massage school! Luckily, she has a ready and willing practice dummy for the latter any time she needs it. And yes, she actually likes to "practice" on me! She's quite good with her feet :o) Obviously, we must forget about these classes as we age, because I can't seem to recall anything of the sort... Too bad - she makes them sound kinda fun!

(p.s. In case you can't tell, I'm loving PW's photoshop actions more and more. This one's called "heartland" & I love it!)

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