Confession: I do these when I'm bored

A - Age
alllmost 29. Can you believe it? I mean, I just graduated high school a couple of years ago, right?

B - Books
I'm currently trying to complete one of my life goals & read all of the Harry Potter books. I'm 4 chapters into the Chamber of Secrets (2nd of 7). This may take a while.

C - Chris
My soul mate, my husband, my best friend.

D - Daughters
I have two and I am one.

E - Exercise
Something I need to do more of.

F - Friends
I don't have many friends in real life. Too many of them are online and I'll probably never meet them, but friendship is friendship, huh?

G - Garden
We've decided to have a big garden this year. We didn't last year considering the prospective move, but you see how that all turned out. So this year we're growing lots of yummies! Cross your fingers my brown thumb doesn't come into play.

H - Hair
I don't know what to do with my hair these days. I hack it off, let it grow until it's unruly & hack again. And hubby is not very happy with it. He likes it dark & long - I just keep going shorter & lighter...

I - Innocence
My girls are fuming with it. I wish I could keep it that way forever.

J - Junk Food

I've been so bad about it lately. I have my mother's will power. We'll blame her. ;o)

K - Kids
I always knew I wanted them and now I know that I have all I need to feel fulfilled.

L - Life
I'd have to say that it's not so bad right now (knock on wood). It's never perfect, but I'm learning to enjoy the good in what is.

M - Mom
My best friend. I can't seem to make a single decision without first consulting her and then my hubby!

N - Nails
Fingers - always natural, toes - usually painted.

O - Online
I could spend hours at a time online. Best invention ever. I don't know how anyone learned anything before the internet. Oh yeah, weren't there these things called BOOKS?

P - Potty Training
We're getting there! I can feel it - some day soon I will be a diaper-free-purse-carrying Mama!

Q - Questions
They're so full of them, aren't they? Bug's new favorite (and constant) is "WHY?" Gotta love that stage. Midget has some more interesting ones. Like yesterday on the way home with the car window down. "Mommy, what does the air taste like?" You know, I never really thought about it, but she actually had me trying to TASTE the air. Luckily, she figured it out on her own. "Rainbows, the air taste-es like rainbows!"

R - Ring
Two years ago at Christmas my hubby let me have my very own self-designed custom ring made. I took the diamonds from the two engagement rings he'd given me, added a third & made a past, present, future ring out of it. I love this ring. And I love that there is no other quite like it in the world.

S - Scrapbooking
My addiction. There are not enough hours in the week!

T - TV Shows
I am so hooked on reality TV. Currently I'm watching Survivor, America's Next Top Model, Food Network Challange, the occasional Amazing Race & pretty much anything on TLC.

U - Useless Info
I used to be double jointed. I can't say that anymore. I'm allergic to cats, but have two living in my house. I'm also allergic to dust, and God knows I'm living among a ton of that! I'm short, and I'm totally fine with it.

V - Vacation
We're actually taking one this year! A REAL family vacation! Can you tell I'm excited? I may feel differently when I'm in the car for 11 hours with a 3 & 6 year old, but for now I'm super excited! Myrtle Beach, here we come... in only 4 months.

W - Work
I've worked, full time, for the same company for the last 9 years. I never thought I'd stay there that long. Now I don't ever think I'll leave.

X - X-Ray
I've had a few. Just scoliosis & weird ankle bone. Nothing so interesting to even discuss, really.

Y - Yesterday
we presented Bug with her big girl bedroom suite! You should have seen the look on her face. She LOVES it. Hubby worked on picking it up & putting it together all day. Apparently we bought the heaviest dresser on the face of the planet. She slept great. Only up once & patted right back to sleep. I love that girl. Wow. She's going to be three in 5 days...

Z - Zodiac sign
Taurus. And boy, does it fit me. Here's a short description I found:

Taurus enjoys the sensual world for it's own sake (compare Virgo which has to do something with it). Down to earth, pragmatic, will stubbornly pursue a task to completion without deviation once it has the impetus to get going (which may take a while).

All me, huh? Yeppers.

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