Bis Sis to the rescue!

Last night after I tucked my little Bug into bed and I had settled in my cozy chair with the good ole remote, she suddenly started crying out for me. I found her sitting up in bed, pointing across the dark room (as she sometimes does). Something over there was scaring her. When asked what it was, she jumped out of bed & ran over smacked her toy kitchen saying, "my kitchen scarin' me!" Realizing that it was the shadows that her nightlight was creating around the kitchen, I turned on the light & tried to explain the whole "it's just a shadow - nothing to be scared of - go back to bed" thing. She didn't get it. And my big girl must have overheard the whole conversation, because she came on in saying "maybe I should tell her about when I was little and scared of shadows." Sure! Great idea.
"Sissy, when I was little, I used to be afraid of shadows in my bedroom too. You know what I did? When I was scared, I would just pull my blanket up over my eyes so I couldn't see them anymore. And then if I was still scared, I would call mommy & she would come scare the bad things away." And she kissed her little sister & left the room.
We sat back in the rocker for a minute with the lights back off, rocking like we do. Not a minute later, when she thinks I'm not paying attention, she reaches down and pulls her trusty blue blankie up over her eyes. Too stinking cute. Then she gives me the secret nod that only I know, telling me she's ready for bed. And down she went, with her big Sissy's advice and her trusty blue blankie. Moments like these just melt my heart. You know they love eachother, but some days it's just hard to miss.

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