What a nice weekend with temp's in the 40's & 50's. That may not seem very warm to some of you, but after the loooong bout of 10's we just finished, it's was like a heat-wave I tell ya. A lot of piddling around the house this weekend, just getting the usual crap done & spending some much needed time together.

You see, today is the first day of a new (hopefully short-lived) phase in our family life. My hubby has finished up the 5 weeks of training for his new job and starts on his actual weird hours today. 10:30am-9:00pm. Which means he gets to sleep past the 6am that he's been rising at, but on the 4 days a week that he works, he will virtually NOT SEE the girls. He did get up and help get them ready this morning though. Talk about a nice break! Bug goes to bed at 8 & Midget at 9. While the Midget may occasionally get to stay up for a goodnight kiss from Daddy, Bug will not. And I'm a little concerned about how she's gonna take it. As much of a Mommy's girl she is, she loves her Daddy to death & will likely not understand this new evening arrangement without him. We'll see how it goes. For all of us.

Anyway, yesterday we all put on our play clothes & headed out into the yard. We played on the swingset & trampoline (until somebody inevitably got stepped on) & ran around playing tag. Let me tell you, that Midget can RUN! I know I'm outta shape (big time), but I really had to kick it into gear when that girl was "it" :o) Hubby took down the Christmas lights (haha -finally) & we all walked the yard together discussing where the garden will go this year & collecting pine cones to make bird feeders later. I loved every minute of it. And I didn't even take the camera out. I guess these memories were just meant for me.

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