A slacker's update

Ah-ha! Somehow I've scrounged the energy to sit at the computer this evening. I'm not saying it has anything to do with the fact that there's nothing good on tv tonight. It's true. But I'm not saying it.

Last week was another filled with snow and snowdays from school. Seriously, they only actually attended one day last week! Not that it wasn't warranted or anything. Wednesday I could hardly get out of my driveway. And once I did, I ended up turning around & going back home. Just not worth it with my babies in the car.

One day the white stuff did turn out to be a little fun and Midget and I even assembled our first mini-snowgirl in the front yard.

Her name was Candy. Rightly named considering she had eyes of mini reese cups and buttons of chocolate bells. I say "was" because, yes, we had one day above freezing & poor Candy bit the dust. Midget was quite distraught until I reminded her that we could resurrect Candy after the next snowfall.

Friday was a big day. I had a scheduled day off with big plans to paint Bug's bedroom. The only kink in my plans is that the school decided to have another snowday & I was left with a miniature painters assistant on my hands. Luckily, the daycare that Bug goes to hardly ever closes, so at least she was covered. Turns out that Midget is quite the little painter, actually. We had a really nice day in fact. And she was a super helper slapping the first coat over the doomed Noah's Ark stencil around the room. How depressing that she is old enough to actually help with the big jobs rather than hinder. Sigh. Turned out really cute though! Furniture's on order and there are still butterflies to stencil and curtains to sew, but "Project Big Girl Bedroom" is officially underway.

That same Friday was our stray baby's date with fate at the vet. A quick spay, declaw & an empty wallet later, she is recovering quite well and is just as sweet as ever. Such a sweet, sweet kitty, our little Socks.

One interesting development this week is Bug's newfound ability to escape the confines of her bedroom on her own. Luckily, she discovered this during the day, after nap on Saturday. I was sitting right here, piddling on the computer, when I heard a soft noise next to me. Expecting the cat, I turned to find this instead:

And what better punishment for a face like that is there than this?

Yep. Neck kisses will do the trick every time.

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