A new version of normal

Nearly two weeks into our new schedule as a family and it's actually starting to feel normal. Not great, but normal. The girls and I are getting along fairly well without him in the evenings 4 nights a week, and it may even be possible that I am a better mother without him there. Ha! I suppose it's that I am more aware that I am the only one there to cook, urge dinner eating, entertain them, wash little bodies & kiss them goodnight. I want to do it right. And I guess if they're screwed up, it'll be more my fault in the end. ;o)
Honestly, it doesn't feel (to me) like we're seeing too much less of him. He's been getting up in the mornings (although some days a bit reluctantly) to help get them ready & that's been awesome. And he's off on Tuesdays plus the weekend, so he's there to make dinner those nights. He was even able to stop in between jobs on Friday night & join us for the ritual pizza night.

Did I mention that he LOVES this job? I keep telling people that it just seems to *fit* him. He has received all kinds of comments about how well he's doing, and unfortunately they've even appointed him to go and help another newbie that is struggling. But it's all good. It's a job. And the facts that it helps our little family float & he is happy doing it are more than a lot of people could ask for these days. And I am thankful.

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