Teeny, Tiny, Baby Steps

I guess you could say I had a half-way productive weekend. I have at least started to work on *some* of my projects... eh-hem. Here's where we stand on that list:

• Fold & put away clean laundry -- 2 steps back. Another week's worth of clean laundry has been added to the pile. Hey, at least it's getting WASHED, right?
• Vacuum -- eh...
• Work on Scrapbook in progress -- not yet, but plans in the near, near future.
• Start Midget's "school years" scrapbook -- woohoo! Page 1 - Kindergarten - is complete. The best part of this scrapbook is that I only have to do ONE page per year (for the next 14-18 years or so...)
• Make the curtains for Bug's new room -- no curtains, but I figured out the sewing machine! Yay!
• Start working out again & lose this giant hiney -- HERE's the big shocker - I worked out this weekend. TWICE. Let's just say that I may never recover.
• Weed out kids clothes (blah)

BONUS! I did get to the furniture store and purchase Bug's new "big girl" bedroom suite! It should be ready in 6-8 weeks - just in time for the girl's birthday. I'm so excited! And so poor. Next order of business is to get the room painted. Plans for that on Friday along with the kitty's big vet trip. Then I won't be the only one taking baby steps. Poor thing won't know what hit her.

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