Sleepy Shinanigans

My Bug is turning out to be quite the stubborn one. Gee, don't know who to blame for THAT... perhaps it's a double-dose? The past week has been a fretful one around bedtime for her. And for me. And for anyone else within earshot of our home. About a week ago something happened, no idea what, but something. She suddenly has absolutely no interest in going to bed. Two nights ago it took both Hubby and I TWO-AND-A-HALF hours to get her to sleep. I usually start by running through our OLD bedtime routine (yes, this routine worked wonders for a good year at least!), but when it's over and time to lay down, all hell breaks loose. It's like I'm trying to put her into a pot of boiling lava rather than a warm, comfy, familiar bed. I try a little longer, but eventually lose it and send the Daddy in. He can keep his cool a little (lot) better than I, and gets her to calm down and snuggle in. She has refused to actually go to SLEEP without him in the room for a couple of nights now, though. Let me say that THIS is NOT the best plan to start considering in about 3-4 weeks Daddy will start working 2nd shift & will not be around for this nightly event. God help me if we don't find a solution to this before then.

So today I ran to the library and picked up "No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers", "The Happiest Toddler on the Block", and "Toddler Wise". All three are books that I have heard recommended very highly in the online mommy communities I visit. Anyway, we'll see if I can find any ideas. Not that I have time to sit down and read these books, seeing that I'm spending at least an hour fighting my "I want mommy"ing, "I want to rock"ing, "I have to pee"ing, "I want drink"ing, "waaaaaaaa"ing toddler to bed... sigh.

Oh how I love that Bug though. I mean, how could you not? Just look at her.

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