An unexpected topic


Let's just say that politics is pretty much my least favorite topic of interest. I am a registered voter, and I do cast my meager vote when I feel strongly enough about something to warrant it. However, politics in general just doesn't "ring my bell". A funny little something has happened over the past few months though. I actually find myself reading those articles about the election, about Obama's family, about the inauguration and such. It's so strange to me that I feel a pull to know about this man and these things. And above all other reasons, that I why I voted with the majority. He just seems so... real. I'm not stupid, I know all presidents have been *real* people. But he has a common sense about him that I have no way of disagreeing with. I truly feel that he has the *real* people of this country in his best interest. People like me and my family and friends. It was rather enjoyable watching him and his family attend the pre-inaugural celebration concert over the weekend. It was refreshing to see a president-elect stand up, sing and dance along with his family at a concert. His daughters obviously excited just to see the celebrities perform, snapping photos left & right. They reminded me of my own, in fact.

So, here's to hope. And to change. And to a brighter future for this country, all around. God knows we need it.

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