Visiting the Big Guy

Last week we went to the mall for the annual visit with the Jolly Ole Elf, himself. We didn't plan on buying any pictures, didn't even really get the kids dressed up all cute, just went for a visit. They wouldn't let us take pictures up there with him if we didn't buy a package, but that's okay. The Bug wasn't at all interested in sitting on his lap anyways. Wait, let me rephrase that. She was TERRIFIED of him! Midget ran right up there, hopped on his lap & after an initial brain bubble, she told him all about the Hannah Montana microphone & Barbie Castle she longs for. Bug, on the other hand, clug to me like a leach & wouldn't even look at Santa until we told her she must tell him what she wants or she won't get anything. Out of the blue, she pops her sobbing face up from it's hiding place in my chest & quickly says "Dora!" Then back in her hole she went. Funny girl! Santa was great though & suggested we just stop by whenever we're around there & soon enough they'll be friends.

Here is Midget, next in line and SO excited -- Santa is RIGHT THERE afterall!!

And here is our Bug, not enjoying this experience much at all...

Boy, I look like I'm having a blast too, huh?

But, after that bearded man was out of site, Bug cheered up considerably. I suspect the Choo-Choo ride had something to do with that.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and things are starting to look up! By the way, hubby started a new job on Monday!! Far from ideal, but it could totally work out great in the end.

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