Ready or not...

0 Comments comes Christmas! One week and counting. Literally. We have chocolate Advent calendars and homemade tear-a-loop-off-each-day-til-Christmas to help us keep track of every single day. The kids are loving it; however, I am just finding them to be reminders of just how little time I have left to prepare! Not that I have a WHOLE lot of preparing left to do - unless you count a few sweets to make & mountains of wrapping paper, bows & a wide assortment of packages to tackle. Oh, not to mention the mental preparation it takes to survive a week packed with family gathering after party after family gathering, chalk full of yummies, gift giving & the like. Yes, it's stressful. No, I don't exactly enjoy all the running around. But I'll admit that I'm looking forward to it all this year. Or maybe it's just the full 12 DAYS I am taking off work starting Christmas Eve that I'm looking forward to! Yipee!
I'm also excited about a few of the gifts I'm giving this year. Believe it or not, I am one of those who lives for the reaction. It's more of a gift to me to see a great reaction then receiving an actual gift. Oddly enough, I'm also one who rarely knows how to react correctly. A total mystery, but apparently I never seem quite "excited enough", according to the hubby. Who knows, maybe I'm just hard to please all around. That's likely.
Anyway, we've been doing all the typical preparations. The gift buying is out of the way. The girls and I even made cookies the other day. THAT was an experience. Throw my perfectionist/OCD butt in with a couple of carefree/sprinkle-showering girls & you're likely headed for disaster. A few deep breaths & a "grownup drink" later (my therapy, not theirs), we wound up with some cute, but especially yummy cookies!

See that little tongue? It's always hard at work whenever she is.

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