Looking back

Today I was looking back over a years worth of my photos. I love how looking at old pictures can jog certain memories back to the front of your mind. My girls have taught me so many things since they've shown up in my life. Here are just a few examples of things I have learned or rediscovered this year...
1. The only downside to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese is if the birthday girl is utterly terrified of the giant mouse costume parading around the room.

2. Nothing tops playing in the snow better than a hot chocolate moustache.

3. The best shirts can be worn more than one way and still be totally adorable.

4. A REdiscovery: I married the love of my life.

5. "The dress" doesn't grow with you. :o(

6. Sometimes falling down is fun.

7. There's no escaping the terrible twos.

8. Sometimes the only ingredients needed for a perfect day are sunshine and water.

9. Pull-Ups will only hold so much water before they start to disintegrate.

10. Sometimes the fun in actually DOING a good deed is all the payment we need.

11. All babies have to grow up eventually.

12. I am the luckiest gal alive. Well, maybe not the LUCKIEST, but the day I hit the lottery I can say that for sure!

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