Home Sweet Home (for now)

Even though we pretty much stopped trying to sell our house when we found out hubby was losing his job, it is now *officially* off the market. Again. And I have pretty much come to terms with the fact that we'll probably be here at least another year now. If these two stretches of attempting to sell have done anything, they've at least forced us to take a look at it and actually DO things to improve it that, although we wanted to do, we were, well, lazy about it. And now, after only 8 whole years of living here, I'm finally starting to feel like this place is HOME. It's nowhere near perfect, and pretty much all of the reasons we want to move still exist, but I LIKE it better. It feels more like me. Oh, and all of the reasons we decided to buy it in the first place still exist as well :o)

We started over the summer with the kitchen. The walls were covered in this god-awful pastel flower print that I always despised. Here, take a look...

We threw on some nice neutral paint (tan on top & brown below the chair rail) -- toss in the new refrigerator that we'd had in storage since LAST summer when we thought we were moving, and here we are now:

And I still like all the cabinets, counter space, high ceilings & island. Even if they aren't the style/quality that I'd wish for.

I've spent tons of time over the past year contemplating window coverings & such. The horrible, and I stress HORRIBLE ones that came with the house are now right where they belong - the garbage. We replaced these hideous ones in the master bath:

with these:

Small change, huge improvement in my opinion. Now, we are not done with the bathroom yet. This spring it'll get a coat of grey-bluish paint to kill those pastel flowers & hopefully new light fixtures. I can't wait to go shopping for those!

We also made small changes in our bedroom with a huge improvement, I think. A new bedspread & curtains do wonders sometimes. Here it was at first - I believe these curtains were slowly killing me...

See what a difference some chocolate brown does here? God, I love my chocolate brown.

But WAIT, there's more! We sold that ugly treadmill (who ever used the thing anyway?) and solved my issue with no place for my crafts by replacing it with a desk!

Next came the one that made the biggest difference for me - the living room. Again, with the curtains. Not to mention the pink & blue house wallpaper border. My God. Can you say stuck in the 80's country-style-kill-me-now? BUT, I will say that they DID kinda go with the country style hand-me-down furniture that we had, which is why it stuck around for so long in the first place.

And here it is now - all decked out for Christmas, of course. First, mom helped me hang new border & we have NEW hand-me-down furniture, also thanks to the best mom in the whole wide world. After forever scouring websites & stores, I finally settled on these window coverings & they turned out great! See? Doesn't it look more like home now? :o)

NEXT on the list is our little Bug's room. Her sis got a "big girl bedroom" when she turned three, and we plan on doing the same for her. Gotta keep it all even afterall ;o) The Noah's Ark stencil has had it's day & it's time to go. Our babies are gone. Sniff, sniff.

I'm still looking for the perfect bedroom suite (not to mention the money to buy it with), but the plan is for blue and purple alternating walls & pretty natural wood furniture. I'm excited!

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