Photographic memories

Today I am thankful for photos. I was looking back just now at my stash of online pics that go back to 2004. A glimpse back at my older baby girl when she was a little bean. All I could think was "oh my goodness" and feel that little tug on my heart, silently wishing those days back for just a moment. Why does it go so quickly? At least I have these pictures to remind me of what once was. I've even thought before that if my house were on fire, first I would grab the kids (of course) and then run for my backup photo cds... Sad? I don't know. Would I be lost without them? Probably not. Would our precious memories be totally erased if I didn't have "proof" that they ever happened? Not a chance. But I still love them more than many of my other possessions. So there.

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