Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

Since I am vegging out on the couch under a blanket at the moment (meaning I'm using the hubby's laptop) I don't have any new photos to share from our recent holiday excitement. Hopefully have some loaded onto my computer soon. It's been a fairly nice few days for me. Monday and Tuesday were hellish, to say the least - two days of craziness before the much needed calm ;o) I took the days before and after Thanksgiving off work since Midgit was off school, and it's been a great change of pace. Wednesday we piddled around the house, cleaned & all that. For Turkey Day, mom & her gang came over & we did the turkey - or should I say my awesome hubby did the turkey :o) I sure married the right man, considering pretty much everything I try to cook turns black or mushy! It was a nice calm day with too much to eat & an afternoon by the fireplace. This morning I did the Black Friday thing for the very first time. Mom was at my house bright & early at 5am! The lines were crazy, but we got a lot accomplished. Thank goodness for plastic! I know I'll pay for it (literally) later, but I just can't NOT give my girls a decent Christmas. Afterall, Santa didn't get layed off...

The girls and I also put the tree up this afternoon together. Bug even helped with the bows. I can't believe how big and grown-up they're both getting!

I didn't follow through with my thankfuls this year as well as I would have liked, but I have truly been paying more attention to those little things lately. So I guess that counts for something, right? I know don't sound like it very often, but we really do have so much compared to a lot of people. We are blessed. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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