The first snow


We woke up this morning to the first real snow on the ground. It's not much, but enough to give us a really pretty drive in to town this morning. I love when every little twig on a tree is blanketed in snow, outlining the whole of the tree in a way that we don't usually see it. It's no longer just a tree. It's art. The girls were excited and even pulled sleeping Daddy out of bed to "check out the snow!" So cute. Today I'm thankful that we live in a part of the country where we can really experience all of the seasons. It gets hot here - not Arizona hot, but hot. And we see true green of spring and the many crisp colors of fall. And then the beautiful snow of course. I don't think I'd want it any other way.

We also had our first of several Thanksgiving feasts over the weekend. Yum-o! Midget had a special weekend project & took care of her teacher's "Mr. Bear". He went everywhere with us & was very cute. She took the responsibility of taking care of him very seriously. I think Bunny may have been a little jealous.

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