Ah, free time...

It's been kinda nice at work this week so far. We've had a little bit of special section downtime (the lull before the up and coming Christmas insanity, of course). And I'm ever-so thankful for this lull. I needed it.

All this "spare time" at work has let me catch up on a few things I've been meaning to do for a while. I'm working on a handbook for my department with instructions for pretty much every aspect of my job - therefore I may someday be able to take a giant, luxurious vacation and not fret about who's doing what back here (okay, that's likely a DISTANT future wish, but ah well. At least I'm making progress). Also, I have gotten a grip on my obsession for the moment and started working on Christmas projects - yippee! Oh, and while I'm at it, I went back and read some of my old blogs. You know, for nostalgic reasons. And I decided that I must stop referring to my children as "the older one" and "the little one" or whatever I call them. It gets too run-on-y. So, I will furthermore be referring to the almost-six-year-old as "Midgit" (her daddy's nickname for her) and my babygirl as "Bug", because we do in real life anyway.

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