Unsettled, but coping

It's been a weird week. I guess the strangest part is that my hubby was home all week. His first week "out of work". He's been interviewing and all that, but I won't feel better until he has something solid set up. It's just an uncomfortable feeling in my gut, you know? Not feeling confident that you are financially secure = not fun.

The first half of the week felt like summer again around here. Strange. And then suddenly on Thursday, fall returned in full force. I'm not complaining at all about the cool weather. In fact, I welcome the change. The sweaters. The pretty scenery. However, these inevitable sniffles that follow are not quite as welcome.

Friday was nice. I took off work because the big girl was off school. My mom picked up the little one and deposited her at daycare in the morning so I didn't have to climb out of my pj's until ohhh, probably 3 o'clock :o) My big girl and I had some quality time together painting on her easel (on of the many things we just don't try to undertake with the little one around). It is during these one-on-one times with her that it hits me just how grown up she acts. We have a lot of the same conversations that I would have with my co-workers had I gone to work that day. She simply amazes me sometimes. It was a nice day overall. I even got another scrapbook page done and did some planning for a special Christmas project I have in mind. And of course, what's a Friday night in October around here without a jumbo pepperoni pizza and Harry Potter, followed by tucking in the kids and starting that list of Christmas gifts to buy (if we ever have money again)?

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