Just a little green

Do you ever think about the lives of characters in movies and wonder if anyone really lives a life like that? You know what I mean. Do people really have adventures and go awesome places and see awesome things and you know, actually EXPERIENCE life? I use to comfort myself with the knowledge that honestly, the majority of the people in the tamed world live life very similar to my own. They go to work, get married, have babies and spend pretty much every moment of their lives in a safe little cocoon where they feel safe and familiar. Is this really true? I have no idea. But it helps me to think so. And then I run into stories or even blogs about some people's ACTUAL adventures, and it makes me a tad green with envy. It's perfect strangers like these guys or this girl, who just travel around without a care, enjoying what the world has to offer. Living life, seeing it, experiencing it all. Even my very own cousin has adventure stories to tell. So, I guess people really do live adventures like in the movies. Just not all of us.

I know that I COULD have done those things or lived those lives if I really had a dream for that. I guess my dreams were pretty much always set here. I never actually saw myself doing anything rather than marrying my sweetheart, getting a job and raising a family. And so I guess my dreams really are coming true, even if they aren't the entertaining storybook-movie type. I think a little piece of me will always wonder what "would have been" if I weren't such a big chicken about traveling and change. Oh well. I guess my life isn't exactly OVER, but maybe I should just start trying harder to enjoy what IS right now. What's life without a little fun in it, anyway?

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