Energy, we're all out

What a week it has been. I can't remember any others quite as crazy in the recent past. You see, last Sunday, the leftovers from Hurricane Ike slide over us, bringing QUITE the windstorm. We didn't have the actual storm part of it, but the wind was insane! Honestly, we were extremely lucky here at our house. We only lost power for about an hour on Sunday and no major property damage either, thank goodness. Mom, on the other hand, is STILLLLLL without power. That's right. FIVE full days later. She's thrown out two full trashbags of food from the fridge and has been entertaining herself on the dark nights with a 4-inch black & white battery powered tv! It's so crazy how much you learn to rely on electricity and the internet in your day-to-day life. Definitely something we all take for granted. At work we had power, but no internet. Which, in our newspaper world, we might as well not have power if we aren't online. So, yes. A small team of us traveled to the closest sister paper (40 minutes away) that was up and running to put out the papers all this week. Definitely different and I wouldn't call it my idea of a fun way to do things, but hey, it got done. I'm actually kinda proud of that. You should have seen us when the internet finally came back up yesterday. Giddy! lol. So, long story (not so) short, moms out of power (electricity), and so am I (energy).

So today I took the day off. It was already planned, but let me tell you, after this week I needed it. I picked the girl up from Kindergarten right after school and celebrated her awesome school behavior this week (*KNOCK ON WOOD*) with some ice cream and a trip to the park - just the two of us. She is so great. She really is. And she seems so grown up these days. When exactly did she learn to pump her legs on the swings and climb fearlessly over the jungle gyms like a pro? Somehow I think I missed all that. I guess I was probably at work. Sigh.

Oh, and we had a little "photoshoot" while we were there. I still can't believe how photogenic this girl is. HOW could she be MY daughter?? lol. Here's a few samples...

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