Call me a dork...

...but I just found out (2 weeks after the news broke, I might add -- WHY doesn't anyone tell me anything?!) that the next Harry Potter movie (Half-Blood Prince for those who are even more in the dark than I am) will now not be coming out until NEXT JULY!! Argh. It was set for November and I've been counting down (as has my oldest daughter). That's a loooong time to wait! Yes. I am pathetic. I am aware.

It is hard to explain this draw that I have to these stupid fantasy movie series. I guess they're just sort of a dumb way to "escape" from reality for a couple of hours. And our daughter has fallen into the same trap, I guess. She asks to watch "Harry" on a near-nightly basis. Yes - we do own all of the 5 so far...

Anyway, that is my rant for the day. I guess I'm going to have to wait (what choice do I have?) until next summer. Life will go on. Sigh.

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