What happened to the other Ma?


This week sometime, I began waking up to this little voice over the baby monitor shouting "ma!.... Ma!........ MA!.......... MA-A!!"
Now, our two-year old has always (well, since she started babbling) referred to me as "mama". Somehow, somewhere along the way, we've lost one of the "ma's" and now I am simply that. Ma. It's kind of cute actually. She will still scream for mama if she's hurt or upset, but in hear daily attempts at speech, I'm Ma. Reminds me of some movie I saw long ago. No idea what movie, but everytime she says it, I think about that movie.

She is really working hard at her attempts to speak these days. I know full well that she UNDERSTANDS every word of English we speak, but she just isn't getting the hang of getting those words out of her mouth yet. She can say several words, and even some sentences, but most of it is only understood by me or Daddy (mostly me). When she tries to say a word, she gets the right number of syllables out, but it's like she can't figure out just what to do with her tongue to make the right sounds. For example, here are a few translations: baff = bath, mymy = me, ah-hunn = I'm hungary, mish = please (no idea), pe-pah = potty, ah-ya-ya = I love you, seeta = sister (how she refers to her), booba = dog, ju = juice or any drink, dada = dad, ma = mom, yesh = yes, no = no. I know she's still not even 2 and a half, but SO many kids her age are speaking so clearly! In fact, we were watching home videos of her big sis the other day and at this age, she was singing twinkle twinkle & abc's! Now, some of those abc's were out of order, but it was totally recognizable. Hm. Okay, okay. I've given myself the little speech about how every single child develops differently and yes, she HAS been a couple months behind on every single other milestone, so why should this be different. She IS improving and she WILL catch on eventually. Even if she does need some speech training later. On the other hand, we are about 50/50 on the potty now, so hurray for that!

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Hil said...

My little one calls the big one "brother" and it's so cute! We'll be sad when they stop.

I tagged you on my blog too. :D