Well, we all survived.

The first day of kindergarten went by as an overall success, I think. She did so well in the morning. She was excited, but quiet. I'm sure she opened up throughout the day though. We heard tales of making bear masks and going on a "bear hunt" looking for clues (to help in learning the building, my guess). Also, they had THREE recesses instead of the regular two - only because it was the first day ;o) They read stories and made the cutest little poster with a poem about the first day of school, her handprint, a photo of her and a picture she drew of our family. She was pink & sissy was purple - of course.

The excitment came for me though when I thought I would be sneaky and try to catch a glimpse of her getting onto the school bus for the first time...
We were told she was to get on a certain bus & she would be transferring to another bus that would take her to aftercare where her sister was. Welll, I guess there was a change of plans that I wasn't informed about and as I watched the bus we THOUGHT she was suppose to ride come, load up with kids (not including her!) and leave, the little worried mommy monster showed up and I spent nearly an hour driving all over town chasing busses. Looooong story short, they changed the bus plan and now she has a direct ride to the daycare. Works out great considering I was afraid of the whole bus transfer process for my five-year-old, but the whole hour-and-a-half of not knowing where my little girl was just about killed me yesterday. I went home with a splitting headache like never before. God help me for being such a nosy mommy. I just wanted to make sure my baby was okay on her first day - which she was. Thank God.

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