Organized chaos

I love lists. You might even say that I have a bit of a list obsession. I have no idea how it started, but I seriously don't think I could survive on a day to day basis without my lists. Okay, okay, maybe I could SURVIVE, but I would be awfully forgetful, anyway. I just have too many things going on in my head, I think. I make the normal lists - you know, grocery list, etc. But then there are the DAILY to-do lists. Seriously. Daily. Whether I'm at work or at home, there is somewhere a running list. And lists of things to do before doing something else. And lists of things to take places. And lists of things I like, think I like or would like to try. I mean, I don't think this is an UNHEALTHY obsession. It's actually helpful. Keeps me calm (well, pretty much) and collected in stressful situations. Maybe they give me some false sense of being in control... hmmmm. Maybe now we're getting somewhere.

Anywhoo... here is an prime example of my obsession (the password is "mylist" if it asks for one). Check it out. It's a list of things I would love to experience. You can even see at the bottom some of those things are checked off. See? These lists aren't completely useless :o)

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