It's a hilly rollar coaster, this life.

I really feel like there is so much to catch up on. I wish I had had the energy to get some of this out before now, but it's been flat out crazy around here. Here goes:

So we spent a fun couple of days in Cincinnati a couple of weekends ago. We went to the big Aquarium down there on Sunday, which was fun, but not. We took the umbrella stroller thinking that the little one will want to ride, but instead we spent the whole time carrying her (so she could see the exhibits) and pushing an empty stroller around. Not the end of the world, but frustrating. The big girl was so excited about being able to "pet the sharks" as advertised on the website, but when we got to it, she was terrified! Their Daddy really enjoyed that though :o) We spent the night in a hotel in the area and went to the Cincinnati Zoo the next day. We all had a good time there. The weather was warm but nice and the animals were all cooperative about letting us take a peek at them this time ;o) It was a really nice family day and time away for us. We were all exhausted and happy to be home though after that.

The next weekend, the girls and I went with my mom, aunt and nephew to a State Park lodge about an hour away from home. We like to spend weekends there once a summer and sometimes around Christmas. It's such a nice place to go for a change of scenery and pool time ;o) By the end of the weekend (which included hours and hours of swimming), I was totally amazed at how well my big girl was doing with swimming! She has been really comfortable in the water for a while now, but she has actually started swimming a few feet at a time UNDER the water now! I am so proud of her. In fact, she started swim lessons again this past Tuesday and we decided to go ahead and let her skip a level since she's doing so well. She will be starting kindergarten in less then a month! Crazy. Anyway, the weekend away was awesome. The kids were (for the most part) well behaved and I was even able to get just a few minutes alone on a lounge chair to relax and catch some rays! Just what I needed. I have been so stressed lately with the house and everything.

Well, it didn't get any better when we went back to work on Monday morning. My hubby called me around 8:30 to tell me that he is being layed off... LAYED OFF! The company he works for was bought out by a larger company who no longer wants to keep the warehouse he works at. NOW we're ALL pretty stressed out. He has until the end of August to find another (nice paying, close to home, layed back atmosphere, within his physical restrictions b/c of his back surgery) job. Fat chance. So, yeah, where does that leave the moving situation? Who knows. We're keeping our fingers crossed, but at this point it will take nothing short of a miracle to get us moved this year. Let's just say "disappointed" is an understatement. We're trying our best to stay positive. It's not an easy task. If anyone out there is reading this, please say a little prayer for us that this all works out. It's not that I'm not aware that there are millions of people out there with bigger problems than ours and life is full of disappointments. I would just like something to go our way occassionally.

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