What has gotten into that kid??


Okay, I'll admit that while reading back a few posts, I have been entirely too negative lately. I am sorry to say though, that this one doesn't look like it'll be much better... I will promise to at least pretend to be a little more positive soon :o)
I just have no idea what has gotten into my littlest kiddo. We had QUITE the weekend with her. She's always been a little bit of a stinker, but let's just say that she sat through more "time-outs" this weekend than the so far her entire life! She's hitting. A lot. And biting (me!). And while you might chalk that up to typical 2-year-old behavior, she's also started SPITTING at people! Oh, and on top of that, she's decided it's now funny to take her diaper off in her bed before she gets up in the morning. Yesterday morning I went in to get her only to find she had taken off her (just wet) diaper and promptly POOPED in the corner of her crib! Ugh. I have no idea what to do with this girl.
This morning we made a big deal about how GOOD she was for keeping her diaper on (we had "talked" about it before bed last night), so hopefully that will go away.
The spitting and hitting though -- especially the spitting! She was spitting at her big sister because of God-knows-why, but she was mad, and I said "Honey, NO SPITTING!" firmly to which she turned to me, spit directly at me, turned and ran away. Don't worry, I caught her and she sat in time out for that one (again).
I'm seriously considering checking out some books about toddler behavior and discipline... These are some issues we just never ran into with the other one. Jeesh...

I do want to emphisize though that she is not totally a devil-child... she can be the sweetest, most clever little girl you'll ever meet. Nothing beats her hugs and smackers ;o) And she's finally started sitting through a short story at bedtime - yay! God knows I love her, and I am aware this this is all just another phase. I'll be wishing for these "spitting and hitting, yet cuddling and mama-loving days" before I know it, I'm sure.

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