Sick and spotted

I would have to say that the past week wasn't one of the best for our little family. A week ago tonight, the older of the girls began the tell-tale wimpering around midnight. When her tummy is bothering her, she begins this little wimpering in her sleep that makes you feel so bad for her, yet at the same time you just want to put the pillow over your head and pretend you don't hear it - partially because you're so tired, but mostly because you just KNOW what is to come. So, around 2:30 it really hit and she and I spent most of Tuesday home doing the typical flu routine... oh-so fun. Luckily, by afternoon she was over it and way too chipper for her ever-so-tired momma. Not that I wasn't insanely relieved that it turned out to be a 12-hour bug. And yep, you guessed it. Wednesday morning I woke with the same lovely 12-hour (thank God!) torturous virus.
On the up side, noone else seemed to catch it (oh, except for my mom - who seemed to have it worse than anyone else!) Well, at least I THINK everyone else escaped it. You see, on Thursday the little one started breaking out in this pimply rash on her face and arms. Daycare seemed to brush it off as a "heat rash" (lucky for me!), but I wasn't so sure. I proceeded to take pictures of the poor child and email them to every mom I know in hopes of someone recognizing these types of spots. I got quite a few responses (I knew I could count on them!), but most of them thought it looked more like an allergic reaction than a heat rash. Great. NOW what's she allergic to??! Well, before I even really had time to freak out about it too much, we woke up Saturday morning & it was **poof!!** gone. Horray!
Oh, it doesn't quite end there. The hubby took his dad out fishing all day on Saturday (seeing that it's Father's day weekend and they haven't done this in years). Great. Awesome. Right? Well, it was a long day for me with the kids, but we survived. Mom was out of town so that left me with practically nowhere to go and nothing to do and the stir-crazy kids nearly had me tearing out my hair... but THAT is not where I was going with this... Hubby apparently has never heard of sunscreen or something b/c he came home completely F-R-I-E-D. I'm talking blisters on the top of his shaved head (ever heard of a HAT?!) and worst of all, the tops of his knees are as red as fire. I can tell he's in sheer pain, but the truth is, I don't know if the pain is from the burn or from the actual JOINT of his knees. They are quite swollen. We have no idea why. But he can hardly walk. And he couldn't even work today. I SWEAR. It's always SOMETHING with him. I'm not kidding. But I do feel really bad for him. He's in obvious pain. And afterall, he IS the love of my life. How could I not feel bad for this (crazy, stupid, beet-red) man?

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