Overworked and underpaid

That seems to be the story of my life. I sit here and wonder some days why I feel so utterly exhausted, but then I remember -- oh yeah, I have been awefully busy lately. Work is insane. I mean it. And this time it's not all about special sections that come and go. These days they seem to enjoy adding new REGULAR responsiblities to my plate. Sigh. And no, I have not seen any extra monitary compensation for these tasks... sigh (again).

The girls are keeping me busy as usual at home, but on top of that there is this house that we're trying to get rid of. We listed with a realtor a few weeks ago, but have still not seen much interest. Yet, I still have that need to keep the house as clean as possible, just in case someone decides they want to see it. This is NOT an easy task with two little girls flying through it like little tornados every single day. It's just daunting, I guess. Not impossible, but daunting to feel so overwhelmed all the time without knowing if it's even worth the trouble. I want to move so badly, I can taste it. I've found the house. THE house. The least comprimises of them all. And the worst part is that I know deep down that I should stop obsessing and refuse to get my hopes up. It will likely not still be available when (IF) ours ever decides to sell... yet another sigh.

I guess I'm just going through another funk. I feel like this is all some neverending lesson to be learned, or something. I am a firm believer in fate and that things do eventually work out the way they are suppose to. I am just struggling with the now. The unknown. I have this constant ache in my gut to know the future. And my guess is it will stay there until the future becomes today...

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