A summer lovin' weekend

Finally! It's starting to feel like summer around here. I love when seasons change - I can't take too much of the same weather for too long... Last weekend was great. Just like sunny summer weekends are meant to be, anyway :o) Saturday on my weekly grocery run, I got the girls a cool new 12 foot sprinkler thing. It is so cool! So, while Daddy mowed that afternoon, the girls and I spent some time playing in the water and soaking up some sun on in the yard. We all had tons of fun!

On Sunday, we went to Mom's as usual after church. The kids played outside in the yard a bit and when it was obviously nap time for the little one, we headed home. She zonked out in the car (after her usual ritual of stripping her shoes & socks off, of course). Surprisingly, she stayed alseep while I carried her in & put her to bed. I decided it was entirely too nice out (even though a bit windy) to stay inside, so the older one and I made (her first) batch of microwave s'mores, grabbed a blanket & headed out to find a shady spot in the grass to have a "picnic" :o) I love these moments with them, one-on-one. Moments where I'm not trying to get something done, or trying desperately to get them to do something they don't want to, or have somewhere to be or something to do RIGHT NOW. In those moments, I remember why I wanted sooo badly to become a mommy. How lucky am I? I not only got to be a mommy, but I was blessed to raise the two most precious little girls in the world.

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