Our little graduate


That's right - our big girl is officially a Preschool graduate! Wow. She seems like such a grown girl, yet still such an innocent, small child. At five years old, she is fun to be around - jokes, smiles & giggles all the time. She loves to dance and sing and just plain entertain anybody who will pay any attention to her. She talks NONSTOP. I'm serious. If she's not talking, she's either sick or asleep. She tries her best to be a great, helpful sister to her little shadow :o), although there is always that little bit of bossiness and unwillingness to share in the midst of our days. She will sit in her room forever playing with her toys - making up funny names and voices for each of her little characters. She talks and sings to herself, all alone in her room. We of course have our moments with her - she is FIVE afterall - but I wouldn't trade our little chatterbox for the world. She is surely one of a kind.

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Jaimee said...

Love your new look! And Kayla looks sooo grown up. Time flies way too fast. It was just yesterday that we were taking our temps to have these little ones.