Last Friday we took our big girl to her kindergarten registration and screening. It just blows my mind that we are doing this already. It seems about last week we were cheering on her strenuous efforts in trying to crawl across the living room floor... I was so proud of her then, and if it's even possible, I am more proud of her now. She is such a bright and creative child. And they commented on that at the screening too -- "such a SMARTY PANTS!" the lady said with a big grin. She recognized almost all of her letters, counted past requirements, and passed every aspect of it with flying colors! Not that we didn't see that coming - she really IS a smarty pants ;o)

Our other girl seems to be in a transition phase of her own these days, but not in such a positive light. Two weeks ago she moved to the "Toddler Room" at daycare for children ages 2-3. She was definately ready, and she knew the teachers & kids, so I didn't expect this change to be much of an issue. I guess I was wrong. Suddenly, she is clinging to me like velcro when I drop her off, crying uncontrollably about the littlest things, screaming her head off whenever she happens to see her sister in the hall, not to mention freaking out whenever a parent arrives to pick someone up and it's NOT ME... I really feel for the teachers. She's definately keeping them busy. But the whole thing has left not only her, but me, a little unsettled. I just want her to be happy, even when I can't be with her. She has always been a mama's girl, but this attachment seems to have taken a stronger hold lately. She even cried for me the whole time I was gone picking up dinner the other night and she stayed with Daddy. She LOVES her daddy! And this is hurting his feelings a bit too, not that he'd admit it. We've also been having crying issues at bedtime where we never did before. I know it's just one of those phases that we'll get through and practically forget before we know it, but still. It's not easy being a mom. But of course, we all know that.

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Hil said...

Aw kindergarten screening! We just did that too.

Hope little girl settles into her new status.


Robin said...

Hey Ang! I love the look of your page! I must say, that family photo is awesome! You guys look great - even if Chloe is kinda stealin' the show with that adorable smile! ;-D
I'm just like you - I look at the kids some days and get blown over by how big they are and how quickly they've changed.
Robin ;-D