Alone with my thoughts

It feels so strange to be completely alone today. Being that it's my 28th (gasp!) birthday, I made plans to play hookie and run around with my mom this afternoon. But for now I am alone. I dropped the girls off at daycare, ran some errands and came home for a bit. It feels so strange. I am NEVER alone anymore. Well, I guess our furry friends are around, but none of them really seem to talk back to my odd utterings. When I pulled in the driveway, I shut the car off and just sat there for a while. It is a beautiful day today. Sunny, breezy and pretty spring day. It is kind of nice, as strange as it feels, to be completely alone with my thoughts. Work has been so busy and with the kids and the house stuff, I rarely find the time to just sit and think anymore. When I finally got out of the car (the dog was having a hissy knowing I was sitting out there - haha!), I decided to piddle around the yard for a bit. I pulled out the dead stuff from the flower bed, eventhough we probably won't be planting anything new - just in case we end up moving anytime soon... As much as a part of me wants to move to a new house with more room INSIDE, it will be a little strange giving up all of our room OUTSIDE. We have a nice little acre here and we have added some colors to it over the years that I will miss if we go. Here are some pictures of our spring colors...

Adorable "mini" daffodils

Neat looking daffodils that I don't even remember planting... lol

The two trees we planted in the front yard a couple of years ago have the cutest little blooms on them

"Boo-ba" seemed to be enjoying the fresh air as well

We planted some strawberry bulbs that the girls were selling as a fundraiser for daycare. So far, so good. Let's hope my brown thumb doesn't come in to play...

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