Two flying years


Our "babygirl" turned two last week. Two years old. Where in the world does time go?!? We had a ladybug birthday party for her and she really seemed to enjoy it. I even recruited my mom to help me ice some adorable ladybug cupcakes to go along with the theme. Turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself :o)

The only snag in the day was the big sister jealousy. "Nobody loves ME. Why isn't anyone talking to ME? Noone said goodbye to ME!" (everyone said goodbye to her, by the way - a couple even brought gifts for HER). But we worked through it & our youngest is now full swing into her toddlerhood. Crazy. It was at this point the first time around that I started to get that "itch". You know, the "I miss my cuddly little baby. Maybe I should have another one" itch. Not so much this time. More and more, I am starting to believe we are done. I suppose we could change our mind down the road, but for now I am content with these two very active, time consuming girls. Maybe you could say I am feeling that our little family is...complete?

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