The nameless quartette


Well, a week later we have finally gotten around to replacing Bobber. His bowl is now home to four pretty little fantail guppies. Nameless guppies. Here's the problem - we chose 4 MALE fish because boys in the fish world are way prettier than the girls. However, the big girl didn't realize this until I explained it to her this morning, and she is still insisting that two are girls and two are boys. So, I guess we'll humor her... No names yet though. I hope these "guys" stick around for a while. They're kinda cute and seem more frisky then good ole Bobber was :o)

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Robin said...

Oh how fun! You don't have to have a fancy filter and all that? Hmmm...I love guppies (is that what they are?) Glad Kayla loves them! How cool - can't wait to hear her name choices. Hee hee!

Ang said...

She's still insisting that they are 2 girls & 2 boys... the official names are as follows: Sally, Lisa, Bob & SAM!!! :o)