Still my cuddle bug


My "baby" girl will be turning two years old in a little over a week. How can that be? She was just born a couple months ago, I swear! I will never understand where the time goes.

And that goal I had to have her off the pacifier by now? Well, it's not looking like we're gonna make it, but at least she's making progress. According to her teacher, she's back to napping without it (after an odd stent of insisting upon it at naptime for about 2 weeks...) That's HUGE progress! Now, if I can only get her to go to bed at night without it. A couple of nights ago I attempted to do our nightly snuggle on the couch ritual without it, and she just sat up, looked at me, pointed frantically into her mouth, screetching "ahhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhh!" Yeah, I caved. We'll get there eventually, but I don't think now is quite the right time. I did, however go out & buy some bigger "dentist designed" ones that are suppose to not mess up her teeth, so I feel a little less guilty about that part of it now. She's also started this thing the past few nights where we do our sofa snuggle and when I go to lay her down (where she usually lays there & goes straight to sleep), but these nights she starts to wail & stands up in the crib & points to the rocking chair. So I pick her up & we snuggle a little more & we rock a while before she looks up at me, I say "bed?", she nods and I lay her down. I love that feeling of her warm against me, covered in a warm blanket, breathing slowly & just "being". I guess she loves it too :o) That is why I don't mind these extra minutes it take to put her to bed. I will rock my baby when she wants, and I will try to enjoy every second of it. This will not last forever, and it's looking more and more like she'll be my last little one. I want to remember those moments forever.

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Robin said...

Ang, I can relate to so much of what you said, but you truly said it better than I ever could. You are such an AMAZING mother. Your children are infinitely lucky to have you in their lives!!

Robin said...

LOVE the new look of your blog!