My torture device of choice


For quite a while now (well, probably ever since she had hair past her sholders), the older one has HATED having her hair brushed. She screams like I'm stabbing her or something. She yells & cries "Stop it! Stop it!" over and over. I try my darndest to make this morning process as pain-free as possible, but let's face it. She has long, stringy hair. Tangles are destined to be a part of her life. I try the holding-the-hair-above-where-you're-brushing technique, but that's not much help. I douse her head with detangler spray & I even went out & bought this "no more tears" hairbrush with soft base & flexable bristles, and it IS by far the easiest thing to use, but it doesn't really calm the screaming much. I've tried letting her brush her own hair, but at five, she's not quite an expert & I just can't seem to let my daughter out of the house with this giant rat bulging from the back of her hair. ("Does she even WASH her child's hair, or does she just not brush it?" - I'm SURE that's what they'd all wisper under their I've even asked if she wants to cut her hair short so it won't hurt so bad. Well, DUH, mom! I want to look like Rapunzel!! So, for now every morning is a battle. I'll apologize now for anyone who happens to witness this act of torture. I really do feel bad about it.
And NOW the baby has started doing it too!! Ugh. I seriously don't think that this baby soft brush I use on her would even be able to cause an ounce of pain though. I think with her, it's more of a "oh, I guess you're suppose to scream really loud when mom's doing this. Big Sissy knows everything, afterall..."

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Robin said...

Ohmygosh, Ang, we FEEL YOUR PAIN. lol! It's the same thing at our house. I try to distract Mari with candy or tv (I know, great huh?) and DRENCH her in detangler spray. We call them "raindrops" because I used to sing "Raindrops keep fallin' on Mari's head!" to get her to think it was fun to get doused in it. GOOD LUCK!
PS TOOO funny about Chloe climbin' on the bandwagon. lol!