Easter amusement


Easter time has come and gone again already. The girls had lots of fun coloring eggs, sifting through their baskets (several, I might add, between the bunny & the g-mas), hunting eggs & getting all dressed up in their polka-dot dresses. They made out pretty well with new white dressy shoes, kites, hair things, shirts & of course candy. The little one discovered a new love of jelly beans! Although it was kind of funny how she kept stuffing them in her mouth, not caring a thing about the egg hunt that was going on, rainbow drool dribbling down her chin. Hehe! Big sis was excited to finally wear the pretty new dress she had been staring at in the closet for weeks now. They were both adorable, and so much fun to watch enjoying everything.

I took the new 2-year-old to the pediatrician this morning for her checkup. She was SUCH a great sport through everything. When the nurse first came in, she puckered that little bottom lip for a bit while she was weighed and all that, but whent the nurse said "byebye", she grinned and waved goodbye. She didn't cry for the dr. at all, which is a first. She is doing great - 27.5 lbs & 35 inches. She is in the 90% for height (can she really be MY daughter??) and 50% for weight. Growing well. Right on track developmentally. She even pointed to her nose, hair, mouth, eyes & ears for the nurse when she asked. That's my big girl! She did cry just a little when she got her chicken pox vaccine booster & then the bloodwork at the lab... ugh. That's got to be harder on the mommy than the kid, I swear! She was all smiles in no time though & was excited to show her friends at daycare her bandaids & stickers ;o)
The funniest part of the whole thing was our little wait in the car before we went in. I had gotten there a few minutes early, so while we waited in the car, I let her crawl up into the front seat with me. She then decided she wanted to sit in my lap and drive ;o) I let her push some radio buttons, turn the wheel, and then she accidently bumped the volume knob & UP went the radio, to which she jumped & squeeled with a giant grin smeared on her face. THEN she discovered the control for the wipers. Now THAT was the coolest thing ever in her eyes! She'd bump the button (for them to just go once) and raise her arms & try to wave them along with the wipers. She did this over & over, giggling all the time. My heart just melts watching her discover and learn new things.

The big girl is constantly taking things in & twisting them around in her little mind too. Always asking question after question, some of which may seem totally absurd to a lot of people. But to stop and think, she really doesn't KNOW these things. She doesn't know why you can't walk on the yellow line in the middle of the street. She doesn't know why a tomato is called a tomato (but neither do I, for that matter). But she WANTS to know. She wants to know everything, and she sure does what she can to find things out. I am just so proud of the little thoughtful, bright, friendly person she is turning out to be. What a lucky mommy I am...

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