Bye Bye Bobber


This morning we faced a minor tragity in our little household. We woke to find Bobber, well...bobbing. Bobber was a goldfish who has been with our family since last August. If you remember, he was one of three goldfish we purchased to replace the "fair" fish that didn't last a day. Bobber perferred to be a loner fish, however, and slowly killed off his two smaller sisters. He has since been happily alone in his little bowl. His life was rather enjoyable, if I do say so myself. He seemed content to just swim in little circles around the ceremic "friend fish" our oldest insisted that we give him. He was a pretty cautious little guy, seeing how he'd dive to the bottom of the bowl at the mere glimpse of anyone passing by. That was probably due to our cat, Sidney believing the fishbowl to be her own personal water bowl. Poor guy. The girls seemed to handle it all pretty well. The 5 year old looked like she might cry at the news, but soon got to the inevitable "Mommy, can we go to the petstore tonight?" phase :o) We had a short moment to say goodbye & sent him to his watery grave. We will all miss you Bobber, especially Daddy - who is once again the only boy in the house...

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