Back on the market


Anyone want to buy a house? It's a nice house, really. There are lots of things that I totally love about this house, but here's the problem. We don't FIT anymore.

So, we are trying the "FSBO" route for a while and see if we get any nibbles. I made some flyers with photos & stuck a sign in the yard. We're not in any HUGE hurry at the moment, considering anything and everything out there that has any potential to be our next home either has a contract on it, or a big, fat SOLD sign in the yard... ugh. BUT, hopefully that's a good sign for us. We need to get this thing sold so we'll be ready to POUNCE on the next perfect home that comes along ;o) I'm am trying SO HARD to try and stay mellow about this whole process this time around. And that's not easy for me, let me tell ya. I am not exactly good at these situations that are out of my control. I will stay calm. I will not obsess. I will not OBSESS. Okay, so I'm starting to lean towards that "O" word already, but at least this time I'm aware of it... Wish us luck!

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Jaimee said...

Love your new header and the Easter Pictures. Your girls are soooo cute! Is Kayla excited to start Kindergarten?


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