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The hubby and I got away this weekend for a much needed retreat. It was our first trip w/o the girls since the baby was born, and I was a nervous wreck about leaving them. I knew they were in the capable hands of my mother, but I was mostly worried about my little one not understanding that we would eventually come back ;o)

We stayed at a cabin in the area that has become so special to us over the years. It is the same area that he proposed to me and also where we spent our honeymoon. We had never visited in the winter though, so it was a completely different experience this time. Lots of winter hiking on slippery slopes that made me a little more then leery, but it was beautiful, none-the-less. The best part was spending time reconnecting with my long-lost hubby. Yes, we spend tons of time "together" in the same house, but we are both always so busy taking care of the kids or the house that we're too exhausted to focus on each other. We played checkers, talked and cuddled in front of a movie. Things we haven't taken the time to do in years. We SO needed this. And although I feel tired from the overall trip, I feel refreshed. Those hugs from the girls when we got home were undescribable. I can't even put into words how good it felt to have those babies so tight around me. The baby wouldn't let me put her down either! What a sweet, sweet girl. They both are. We are lucky, lucky parents - and this time away helped us realize that even more than before - on top of helping us remember just how much we love each other too!

Here are a couple more photos from our trip. It was such a wonder walking in the winter woods...

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