I'm over it.

Okay, so you know how just a few days ago I was all "oo-la-la" about the "pretty fluttering snow"? Well, I am so over it now. It just needs to stop! I'm ready for SPRING!! Tired of the slick roads, the freezing temps, the extra time it takes just to get out the door b/c we have to stop and bundle up so noone gets frostbite and other someones don't think I'm some kind of horrible parent. All of it. I want to go outside & play and take fun sunny photos of my pretty little girls. I know, it's right around the corner, right? Well, here in Ohio that can mean anything from tomorrow until months from now! lol.

We have tried to enjoy these winter months the best we could this year. We had snuggly fires, we played in the snow, we took a romantic weekend to see some pretty winter sites, and we even took the girls on their first sledding adventure last weekend (which the girls loved!). I guess I'm just ready for a change. Yeah, well, there's that patience issue of mine rearing it's ugly head again...

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Jaimee said...

Ang, I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of the girls. They are beautiful and growing up so fast! I am also sooooo over winter...come on spring and summer! I want to get the kids outside. With 3, it's even noisier and more hectic inside the house, outside has to be better. Hahaha.