Fluttering sentiments

The piles of fluffy snow we are receiving today has me in a sentimental mood. It's so pretty! Isn't it funny how something as simple as a pretty snowfall can trigger certain memories to come creeping back into your mind? It seems that every time I stop to watch fluttering snowflakes, it takes me back to this moment right before my first baby was born. It was the week between Christmas & New Years, and I was due any day. There was this moment when I was standing at my back door, waiting for the pup to "do her business". It was dark, a dusting of snow covered the ground. As I stood there, the flakes started to fall and within a mere minute, the whole sky was filled with these beautiful, glittering flakes. But somehow amongst the frantic fluttering in the sky, the whole world seemed still. It was like time had frozen, and in that moment in time, it hit me. My whole world and everything I thought I knew to be important was about to change. Forever. And I wasn't scared at all. In fact, I smiled to myself, staring out into the night. The world was beautiful and I couldn't wait to experience more of it, sharing it all with this new little life that stirred inside me.

And as quickly as the moment had come, it passed. The dog came prancing through the curtain of white & bounded inside. But I will never forget that moment and how it reminds me how much has happened since then. All the beauty, all the pain, all the miracles.

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